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August 20 2008

JustHackIt. Start Hacking With New People.

Tries to connect people "who want to build something RIGHT NOW"
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August 15 2008

Wahlen, Wahlanalysen und Statistik (Österreich)

Statistische Wahlanalysen und weitere Themen aus der Wahlforschung, von Erich Neuwirth/Uni Wien

August 10 2008

August 03 2008

Overcoming Bias

How can we obtain beliefs closer to reality?


Spam URL blacklist


Spam URL blacklist

July 31 2008

No Browser Left Behind: Canvas for IE

"working on a native Canvas implementation for IE based on the same rendering core that's in Firefox" (ActiveX component)

July 28 2008

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Miss Senior Arizona flubs a question on gay adoption

July 26 2008

Opposing Views: Issues, Experts, Answers

Structured debates between advocates and lobbying groups on both sides of all kinds of political and social issues

July 24 2008

DobaCaracol - Etrange.mp3 (audio/mpeg Object)

disregard, just testing something

cupcake2_medium.png (PNG Image, 55x55 pixels)

disregard, just testing something

July 22 2008


upload your 3d design, we print it and ship it to you

July 20 2008

July 09 2008

Serif vs. Sans Serif Legibility - Literature review

"weak claims and counter-claims, and study after study with findings of "no difference"... it makes much more sense to argue on aesthetic grounds than on legibility."
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July 02 2008

OpenMicroBlogging specification

"To allow users of one microblogging service to publish notices to users of another service, given the other users' permission." -- No info on who's behind it or who will implement it.

July 01 2008


"Netflix-like service for magazines, set to launch this September"

June 27 2008

June 26 2008

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